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David & Dayna Clarence - Directors

David and Dayna have been the director’s of Rainbow Northampton since 2010. Starting the business with 4 areas, they have now grown into a 10 area franchise.

Dayna is primarily from a sales background, but after 10 years in the Restoration Industry, she said she wouldn’t be anywhere else. David has been in the industry for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the field and overseas the field staff whilst Dayna runs the Claims team back at their office.

They see their business as their 5th child and are very proud of how it has grown and become very successful. They feel the most enjoyable part of their business is when they have turned a devastated policyholder, after they have had a serious tragedy, into a happy policyholder who is moved back into their beautiful home.

Gary Lyon - Senior Technician

Gary has been with Rainbow Northampton from day one. He is fully BDMA qualified as well as being qualified to complete NNLW, High-level work amongst many other qualifications.

He has been in the industry for 18 years and has been through it all, he is fantastic with our policyholders and receives fantastic feedback most weeks. Gary tends to deal with our more complex claims and no claim is too large for him.

Steph Green - Claims Handler

Steph has been with the team for 5 years starting out as a temporary staff member but within a few days, she really excelled and managed to secure a full-time position with them.

She has been their Claims Handler ever since, working full-time and even helping out on-site if the team is busy. She is very compassionate and is the strongest person in their office when it comes to distressed or upset policyholders.

Sian Swain - Claims Handler

Sian has been with Rainbow for 2 years, previously being a Claims Handler but on the insurance side, now she’s moved to being on the Restoration side within Rainbow.

Sian took to the job very quickly and soon took charge of lots of elements of their business and is an absolute asset to the business. She is an extremely level headed and organised person, many loss adjusters like Sian’s way of working

Jamie Ingham - Technician

Jamie joined the team 2 and a half years and although he had no background in the Restoration Industry he has taken to it like a duck to water.  He has been keen to learn and as a result, has picked the job up very quickly.

He has passed all of our internal courses which include, Fire, Flood and Textile training along with his Asbestos Sampling and PA testing courses. He will be completing his BDMA course very soon.

Kyle Murray - Second Technician

Kyle has worked for Rainbow since 2014, both at Rainbow Northampton and at another branch previously.  He has fantastic work ethic and never says no to helping out our policyholders on a weekend or late at night. Nothing is to much trouble for him and he always goes above and beyond.

Kyle has completed his PA testing, First Aid and Asbestos Sampling courses along with the internal Fire, Flood and Textile courses.

Natalie Clarence - Claims Handler

Natalie started working for Rainbow Northampton back in 2007 and worked there until 2015. Having worked at Rainbow for 8 years she decided to have a change in career and started working in the Letting Agent Industry, however it wasn’t long before she realised Claims Handling is way more exciting. 

She took a year out to have her first baby girl and has now come back to Rainbow as a part-time Claims Handler.

Richard Moore - BDMA Technician

Richard is the teams newest recruit but that said he has worked in the industry for over 8 years. He is fully BDMA qualified along with having his Plumbing level 1, IPAF, PASMA including Stairs, Asbestos Sampling and NNLW Removal.

He worked in Kuwait for a year working in a power plant after an explosion in the generator warehouse and then went on to work there for 3 months with 500 other DR&R staff members from all over the world. He started out working as a Claims Handler and after working in Kuwait decided the field was for him.

He has taken on the role of BDMA Technician within the business and is looking forward to growing the business even further, he is going to complete trace and access training to allow us to start completing this service in house.

Paul Akiens - Technician

Paul is the youngest of the team and started with them working on his day off at college and soon realised he really enjoyed the work and was also very good at it. After working weekends in a very heavy surge, he approached Dayna and asked for a full-time position.

Paul is going to be trained with both internally and externally qualifications and he is also going to complete an apprenticeship in Property Management.